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How To Use Attendance Book?

KKTIX provides an attendance book which lists all the attendees’ informations automatically. You can use this interface to handle your event check-in process.

Basic Usage

You can find “Attendance Book” in the sidebar of your event dashboard. Every event has an attendance book by default. Click “Open” and you will see the content of the attendance book.

Using the checkbox in front of the attendee informations, you can change attendee’s check-in status. Also, you can decide which columns to display and filter the name list.

Multiple Attendance Books

Sometimes you may need more than one attendance book to deal with some situations like distributing gifts or election tickets. You can create a new attendance book by following the steps below:

  1. Click “Add New Attendance Book” in the Attendance page.
  2. Fill the name of your new attendance book.
  3. Click “Create.”

Now you have a new attendance book.


In order to protect personal data, managers who only have the “Check-in” role will see partially hidden informations in the attendance book. You can manage your role settings in the “Role Management” page.

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