How to pick-up tickets from ibon?

Tickets Pick-up Notice

1. Please pick up your paper ticket before the performance date.

2. If ticket is lost or damaged, please notify and email to KKTIX customer service

3. The paper ticket refund procedure will follow the terms of service by KKTIX and the event organizer.

4. Other forms of tickets must follow the terms of service by each trading platform.

5. You will be asked to enter "ID Number" & "Serial Code" on ibon system, and charge NT $ 30 for each             transaction/order.

Admittance Notice

1. Please be on time. ID or other proof of eligilbity is required to present with the discount ticket holder, the organizers have the right to refuse admission if anyone fails to do so and considered as without ticket.

2. Please respect the rules of Rating System.

3. Please comply with the different regulations by each stadium.

4. Other terms and conditions please refer to the instruction printed on ticket.

How to pick up ticket on ibon? 

1. Click on 「購票」.

2. Click on「售票系統」.

3. Click on「取票」.

4. Click on「KKTIX 售票亭」.

5. Read and comfirm the tickets Pick-up Notice.

6. Enter your「 ID Number」.

7. Enter the「Serial Code」.

8. Confirm the order.

9. Take the payment notice receipt to the clerk and pick up your ticket!

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