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About Payment Collection service

Service charge

KKTIX provides payment collection service. Both pro event members and organization plan members can use it. The costs of processing fees and banking charge for each payment method are all 6% of the total payment collection.

When do I get paid?

You can apply funding from the Organization Billing page. And the application will be available for 5 days after the end of the event. For organization plan members, you can apply funding at any time.

Transfers are generally issued 7 ~ 15 business days after your application. And you can check your processing status in the Organization Billing page.

Why the amount of my Sum of Collection, Not Transferred Payout and Transferable Payout are different?

Due to the processing needs, it may takes up to two weeks for the money we received to become "Transferable Payout".

  • Credit Card/PayPal/ATM: next day
  • FamiPort: the sixth day every month

For example, if your event “Happy New Year's Eve Party” sells tickets, you will see a table in the Organization Billing page.

Event Name Sum of Collection Not Transferred Payout Transferable Payout
Happy New Year's Eve Party 25,000 15,000 10,400

Below is the explanation of each column of the tables:

  • Sum of Collection: The total amount of the payment collection.
  • Not Transferred Payout: Sum of Collection subtracts Transferred Payout.
  • Transferable Payout: The part in Sum of Collection which was entered more than two weeks ago. In this case, 4,600 was entered in recent two weeks, so it’s not transferable yet.

What is the maximum amount of the payment collection?

The limit amount of a single ticket type is NTD 50,000. If you need more, please contact us.

Can I make international payments?

You can use credit card or PayPal if you need to make an international payment.

ATM doesn’t accept international payments, it can only be use in Taiwan.

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