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How to invite users and assign roles to Organization/Event Members?

KKTIX provides a feature that allows you and your partners to co-manage organizations/events. The members with the role possessing the "Permission Management" permission can invite other users to join your organization/event.

  1. In "Organization Dashboard → Permission Management" or "Event Dashboard → Event Permission," you can add a new role or edit current roles in "Role Management" and invite users via emails to start co-managing your organization/events with them.

  2. You can check the invitation status or cancel the invitation from the organization members list. Invitations will expire in 7 days. Please confirm the invitation before the expiry date. Once the link has expired, it will become invalid. Please resend the invitation letter at that time.

  3. When the user accepts the invitation, KKTIX will notify you via email.

The user who clicks the link in the invitation email will be directed to this page:

  • Users can decide whether to accept your invitation. Once people accept your invitation, they can possess the permissions you granted to the role assigned to them and co-manage your organization/event. Notice: You have to invite your organization and event members separately.

If you want to know organization or event permissions and their corresponding accessible pages, refer to the article " Understand Permissions and Roles Management " for more description.

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