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KKTIX "Sign in with Facebook / KKID" Service has been retired on 2023/1/1

Due to system adjustment, starting from January 1st, 2023, KKTIX will be no longer providing "Sign in with Facebook / KKID" service. Using Email and Password will be the only way to login KKTIX. 

If you had once use Facebook / KKID to login KKTIX, to protect your rights, please read the following instruction and set a new password for your account. (The account you had signed in with Facebook / KKID before, no need to register a new account.)

If you already had a password ,congratulations, you can now use email and password to login KKTIX. Strongly suggest that you sign out KKTIX first and sign in again to check if you password is working properly.

If you have not yet set your password or you've forgotten it , please sign out KKTIX first and then click "Forgot your password?" to set or reset a password. The system will guide you through the password setting process. You'll need to enter your email address** in order to get the reset password email.

** Please note that, you must enter the email address which you provided while registering KKTIX. Not necessarily the same with the one you register Facebook / KKID if you provided a different email address back then.

The KKID identity will be reserved in your KKTIX account. You can disconnect or reconnect it on "Account Settings" page.

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