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How to delete KKTIX member account?

Dear KKTIX member,

Once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Please read this article carefully and entirely, to ensure you understand how you can delete your data from KKTIX.

Before submitting your deletion request, please read the reminders below.
  1. If there's ticket related to the ongoing / future event, or the order has not been paid / refunded in your account, we won't be able to proceed your request before the event is ended or the order is refunded.

  2. If your account is organization owner on KKTIX, you won't be able to delete the account. Only submit your deletion request after the published event in the organization is ended or the organization billing has all been paid out.

  3. To ensure member benefits, after receiving your request, the customer support center may check with you on personal information of the specified account.

  4. Once your account has been deleted, you won’t be able to inquire, copy, look up the orders / tickets related to the deleted account. Please note that deleting your account includes deletion of all personal data stored in KKTIX. Deleting KKTIX account cannot be undone.

  5. If you've linked KKTIX account with third-party accounts (e.g. Facebook), they'll be unlinked automatically. Your account of the third-party services will not be deleted.
You can follow the steps below:
step1. Click user "Settings"

step2. Account Settings  → Advanced Account Management → "Delete Account"

step3. Confirm 
article and "check" account deletion policy → Click "Delete Account"

step4. R
eceive the verification mail and click the button in the mail to complete member account verification.

step5. Back to KKTIX page and Click "Confirm" completed request. 

If you encountered any problem using KKTIX, you're welcome to email us your questions to

Thank you for choosing KKTIX. We'll continue building the best ticket purchasing experience. See you next time.

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