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KKTIX 線上活動購票流程 Online ticket purchase on KKTIX

KKTIX 上只要簡單五步驟,購買線上票券輕鬆完成!/ How to purchase the online ticket on KKTIX?

 1.專屬活動頁 / Find event page


Visit the event page and click “Next Step”.
*You cannot change your option once the payment has been done.

2.選擇票種及張數 / Select Ticket Type& Quantity


Click the “+” button to select the quantity you wish to buy and click on “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” after you read.

3.填寫表單 / Confirm Your Order


Check your quantity and total amount to be correct. Enter your “Username, Email, and Mobile” to confirm your order.

4.結帳 / Finish your payment


Choose the payment method and click on “Confirm your Order”

*All purchases shall be paid via “Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay” besides Taiwan. ATM Virtual Transfer Account Number is limited to the bank from Taiwan.

5. 訂購完成 / How to watch online events


After purchasing the ticket, You can also watch the event through another two ways as below: 

Please note that the event is not available on KKTIX app, please use a web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

You can also watch the event through another two ways as below:

(1) 訂單完成後,在訂單完成頁即有前往觀看入口,點擊「前往觀看」即可進入。

After purchasing the ticket, you'll find the"Join the Event"on the ticket pickup page, click to join the show.

(2) 活動介紹頁,地點顯示「KKTIX Live」點擊後即可進入

On the event page, find the event venue and click "KKTIX Live".

(3) 點選首頁左上角「我的票券/My Ticket 」,進到活動「線上活動入口/ Entrance」,開放入場後,即可選擇欲使用的票券參與線上活動。更多問題請詳閱 線上活動 Q&A / Live Streaming Q&A

Sign in to the KKTIX website, click on "My Ticket" in the upper left corner of the homepage, and go to the event "Entrance/Ticket Details". After the admission is open, you can choose the ticket you want to participate in the online activity. For more details, please read Live Streaming Q&A.

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