Live Streaming Q&A

1. How to watch online events?

For the audience who already bought the ticket, please enter ticketing page to watch the event. Please be noted that, the event is not available on KKTIX app, please use web browser such as Chrome or Safari. Following are the steps to enter the ticketing page for your reference:

(1)    Go to and click “My Ticket” from upper left corner:

(2)    On your Ticket Overview Page, find the event order and click“Entrance/Ticket Details”:

(3)    On your Entrance/Ticket Details Page, you should be able to watch the live streaming at below page:

2. I can't watch online events by my mobile and notebook? Can I cast to my TV?

Due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) restriction, you may watch the streaming by following device and environment when it indicates YES. Please do not use the device/environment to watch the streaming when it indicates NO. Please make sure you are able to watch the streaming by your device/environment before the streaming starts. If you still encounter any difficulties, please enable cookies in your browser setting refer to Question #5.

3. What if I enter the live streaming late, may I rewind to the part that I missed?

If it's live streaming, audience cannot adjust the live streaming timeline. Sorry about that.

4. What should I do if I get notification saying I'm using more than one device?

Device limits vary by events. Each different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you use also registers as one "device" even if you use them all on one computer. If you reach your limit and would like to switch to another device, please log out from other devices or bowsers and wait about about 60 seconds. You should be able to watch the streaming again on your last device or browser.

5. I do watch the streaming by supported device and environment, but there is still no player on my browser?

Live Solution will require the use of browser cookie. Please enable cookie in your browser setting as below.

1.          Chrome

n  You can find settings by clicking  icons on the upper right of the browser.

n  Or input the following url in the search bar: chrome://settings/content:


n  Find Cookies and other side data in "Privacy and security" section:

n  Please select "Allow all cookies" or "Block third-party cookies in Incognito" to enable cookie:

2.          Safari

n  Click the “Safari” menu and choose “Preferences”.


n  Click the icon  “Privacy”.

n  Uncheck "Block all cookies” on Cookies and website data to enable cookie.

3.          Microsoft Edge

n  You can find settings by clicking  icons on the upper right of the browser.

n  Select “Settings” from the menu.


n  Select “Cookies and Site Permissions”.

n  Select "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)” to enable cookie.

6. How do I change my nickname on chatroom?


Please log in and follow the steps below:

(1)  Click member icon on the right upper corner

(2)  Choose Settings

(3)   Change your nickname (within 50 characters in Chinese, English or numbers ONLY) on the “Nickname” column in red below.

If you did not fill out any nickname, your “Name” in your “Update Prefill Data” as below will be your nickname (within 50 characters in Chinese, English or numbers ONLY). 

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