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香港地區電子門票 QRCode 使用注意事項

  1. 電子門票限一人使用一次,不得重複使用。
  2. 本電子門票視同無記名門票,請持票人妥善保管,並請注意任何憑證皆無法取代電子門票本身,恕持其餘憑證者無法要求入場。
  3. 如場地管理人員要求查證,持票人必須出示年齡證明,例如身分證。
  4. 活動舉辦場地的管理人員有權拒絕遲到者入場,亦有權決定遲到者的入場時間及方式。
  5. 除節目遭取消,或主辦機構依按有關法例執行外,門票售出既不退換;補發電子門票請洽 KKTIX客服電郵
  6. KKTIX只負責代門票上所註明的活動籌辦/主辦機構印發/出售門票。倘任何活動取消或延期舉行,則由籌辦/主辦機構負責安排退回票款,而票款只會退回予持票人士。
  7. 主辦機構有權增刪及更換演出者,及/或將節目、座位編排及座位數目更改。
  8. 所有門票均按銷售條款及場地規則發售,詳情備存或張貼於場地辦事處/票務平台,以供參考
  9. 優惠票持有人必須出示有效之身分證明文件,方可進場。
  1. One person per e-ticketand one e-ticket is eligible for entry once only.
  2. E-ticket holders are responsible for their own e-tickets. Please note that any order confirmation or receipt is not eligible for event entry.
  3. E-ticket holders must provide proof of age, e.g identity card, for inspection on demand by venue management.
  4. The management of the venue where the event takes place reserves the right to refuse admission of any late-comers into the event. The management also reserves the right to determine the time and manner in which late-comers to be admitted.
  5. E-tickets sold are not returnable nor exchangeable unless events are canceled or postponed. Please contact KKTIX via for issuing e-ticket again if your e-ticket is lost or unaccessible
  6. E-tickets are issued/sold on behalf of the organizer/presenter of the event. For any postponement or cancellation of an event, the organizer/presenter shall be responsible for refunding the purchased price of the e-tickets and the refund shall be made to the e-tickets holders only.
  7. The organizer/presenter reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programmes, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
  8. All e-tickets are sold subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and House Rules, the details of which are made available or displayed at the management/booking office.
  9. Concessionary e-tickets holders could only be admitted upon the provide of   proof of identity.

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