Learn more about the Ticket Types

KKTIX hope you can enjoy our convenient and high quality service, we provides two forms of tickets , “E-ticket “ and “ ibon paper tickets “ ( only for specific event ).

What is E-ticket ?
You can easily use e-ticket on your smartphone / tablet. After the ticket transaction is completed, you will receive your e-ticket with a specific QR code  from your mobile device immediately.

What is the benefits of E- ticket ?
  1. Love the Earth : Reducing Paper Printing.
  2. Save your time and money : You can get your e-ticket immediately. No need to spend extra time or transaction costs to get paper tickets.
  3. Easy to keep: No worries about where to keep the tickets, damage, or even lost.
  4. Quick Admittance: Just scan the QRCode to enter, save time for ticket checking.
  5. Simplify refund process: No need to present or submit unused ticket to apply for a refund of your e-tickets

About ibon paper tickets:
KKTIX also provides paper tickets on ibon for some specific events. If you still prefer to use paper tickets, please check the instructions to learn more about it.